Assignment Overview

In general, to complete this cohort, you'll need to do the following each week:

  • Watch the week's lecture from Dale Stoffer
  • Watch any supplemental videos included
  • Complete the required reading from the texts
  • Participate in the week's discussion and (if applicable) live video chat

To complete the course, you'll be required to complete a final paper.

Prepare a 7-page notebook on Brethren history. Include the following

  1. A list of notable Brethren: Make a list of 15 people representing different time periods and different Brethren groups. Include a brief paragraph describing the life and significance of each person. (2 pages total)
  2. A list of significant events: Identify the 10 events that you consider most significant to the development of the Brethren. Do not describe the event, but tell, in one paragraph, why you consider it so important for the Brethren movement. (3 pages total)
  3. A list of the main Brethren groups: Identify the main Brethren bodies and, for each one, describe in one paragraph the circumstances that gave birth to them, the key initial leaders, and some of their distinctive views (at the time of their origin or today). (2 pages total) 

All assignments must show a blending of the course readings and the writer's experience of the readings and conversations with the larger cohort. The goal is to show that you can coherently articulate Brethren history.

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