Syllabus & Reading Packet

Course Description: 

This course examines the polity of the church from a Brethren and Believers’ Church perspective. It provides an overview of the organizational structure of the Brethren Church at the local, regional, and national levels. Consideration is given to both the doctrine and practice of the ordinances. It will familiarize the student with all the documents used by the Brethren Church to define, govern, and practice its polity at all levels.

Textbooks and Other Materials: The following textbooks are required for the course: 

●      Eberly, William R., ed. The Complete Writings of Alexander Mack. Winona Lake, IN: BMH Books, 1991. | ORDER HERE

●      The Readings Packet which will be available on the course website and broken into 10 sections, with a reference to the two break weeks, where no reading is expected.

●      All documents referenced in the syllabus, which will be available on the course website.

0 Reading Packet Contents - 2021 Brethren Polity cohort.pdf

Supplemental Documents: Download the following PDF's as they will be used throughout all sessions of this course.

NBO Reading Program for Ordination 2021 English edition.pdf
NBO Ordination Manual 2021 edition.pdf
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